Who we are ?

Many of us due to the Corona crisis either lost their work as an employee or their salary decreased, or the owner of a company or institution stopped working. We are a group of Arab youth who brought us together the health and economic challenges that the world faced after the Corona crisis, so we went out looking for solutions that would enable us to face these challenges, so the idea was to establish Be Too Smart Group What are the solutions to these challenges and how?


Who can benefit from Be Too Smart Group?

Are you a businessman who lost his job in this crisis and looking to start again? Are you a university graduate without a job? Are you a pharmacist, engineer, lawyer, or someone who aspires to face challenges and reach the top?

Read on to find out how you can benefit from us.

How is that and the whole world is struggling in a suffocating economic crisis?

 We train people wishing to enter these private projects free of charge at our own expense and qualify them for immediate entry into the labor markets in more than 80 countries around the world.

What are these products on your site and what are their nature?

They are natural products and alternative treatments that have proven their usefulness and are proven by research and scientific experiences and documented in the highest international medical references

How do we work when our country suffers from an economic crisis and people can barely make a living?

We have worked on a system that is not affected by economic and political crises, adopting modern systems in DSM Digital Smart Marketing.

Is there a fixed monthly salary for the employee?

We have sought to make all members of the group partners, from which everyone gets a franchise that allows them to work in both online and offline commerce

How can I benefit financially from that as long as there is no fixed salary?

 You can grant the franchise that you got to other people around the world who want to start their own projects, and here you benefit from a commission similar to selling at the wholesale price to these investors through the system directly without paying money for it

What is the percentage of profits that I get from selling at the wholesale price?

The rate ranges from 5 to 10% depending on the levels of the monthly draw

Do I benefit from selling online around the world and in which markets and what is the percentage?

Yes, you benefit from selling online in the Gulf countries, Europe, America, Canada and other countries.




How much profit is compared to companies like Amazon?

These companies give you from 4 to 6 percent commission, with the terms of our system, which provide you with from 20 to 40 percent of profits at sales levels.

What are the conditions that you require to enter this project?

Entering into the project requires that you have a developed mindset that seeks continuous learning and advancement, and you have the determination, will, dreams and goals that you strive to achieve diligently.

Do we need to pay money to enter the project and what are the required amounts?

We believe in obtaining a free Franchise franchise that entitles you to electronic commerce in most countries of the world, and all you will need is to make an effort and time to learn and sell.


What are the required documents?

Please contact customer service to answer this question

How we can register as a partner ?

To register as our partner Press the down orange button, after choosing your Country, put the registration Code in the two empty space: 31156097
and fill the requierd informatin
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